The Era of Track(‘event’) is Over


Autocapture replaces the tedious and brittle parts of analytics, so you can focus on understanding your users and making smart product decisions. 

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Simple & Future-Proof Product Analytics

The Future of Analytics

Gone are the days of manual event tagging, missing data, and waiting for new data. Your product changes constantly, and you don’t know what will be important in the future. Autocapture has you covered.

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Automatic Data Capture

Automatically capture user interactions on your web and mobile apps without code. Integrate behavior from third-party tools like email, payments, and A/B tests with a click. Eliminate bottlenecks and get data quickly.

Complete Dataset

Avoid blind spots in your user journey. Autocapture ensures your underlying data is comprehensive, so you never have to say, “I don’t know.”

Retroactive Analysis

No one can predict what they’ll need to know in the future. With Autocapture, user behavior data is retroactive so you can always make informed decisions.

Ultimate Data Trust & Quality

Bad data that nobody trusts leads to unconfident decisions rooted in gut instinct. Autocapture ensures that your data is clean and consistent, so you can make smart decisions confidently.

Know Your Users

Know Your Users

Smart product decisions begin with a deep understanding of your users – what they do in the product, where they get stuck, and what keeps them coming back. Don’t let legacy technology keep you from this data.

Make Smart Decisions

Make Smart Decisions

An autocaptured dataset ensures that you can make smart decisions, not just nice graphs. Smart product decisions begin with questions about your users. Autocapture makes sure you can always confidently answer those questions, whether or not you planned on them.

Move Quickly

Move Quickly

When your product decisions are rooted in data, you can move with confidence. When your decisions are rooted in autocaptured data, you can also move quickly. Answer questions and make decisions as they pop up, without the bottlenecks.

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