Understand Your Customers’ Behaviors

Product Analytics

Build a better product using behavioral data. Iterate quickly, prioritize your roadmap, allocate resources effectively, and improve your product experience.

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Drive Your Product Strategy

Product Development

Whatever your product – mobile app, SaaS tool, or a website – product analytics helps uncover the strategy that make it stand out.

Get Retroactive Analytics

Increase business agility with retroactive analytics. With Heap, you can measure everything in your product, in real time and with complete historical data. No crystal ball needed.

Remove Data Bottlenecks

Heap removes engineering overhead. Your team can spend its time making decisions and improving your product, not worrying about collecting the right data.

Reduce Time to Insight

Make product development a  data-driven process. Heap’s self-serve analytics lets everyone on your team with answer questions with reliable data.

Take the Pulse of Your Product


Track your progress with dashboards in Heap. Leverage product analytics to create meaningful KPIs and discover innovative ways to improve your product.

  • Establish KPIs, know what to analyze, and see what areas need the most help
  • Measure feature engagement with historical data from any point in the product lifecycle
  • Assess the impact of experiments and A/B tests
  • Give attention to high-value features on your roadmap and sunset unused features

Understand Your Users


Get a complete picture of your users’ experience in your product, without being blindsided by unknown unknowns.

  • Deep dive into any user’s profile to see a complete history of their interactions
  • Discover new events by analyzing customer history
  • Identity resolution retroactively combines user profiles across channels, platforms, and devices.


We were able to increase adoption of templates by 20% by making the feature more discoverable and making tweaks. Heap data was at the core of this.

Gireesh Subramanian
Director of Product Management, Freshworks

Learn more about Freshwork’s product analytics wins

Analyze Groups of Users


Create user segments that combine past behavior, user attributes, and acquisition channels to drive deeper analysis

  • Build user segments based on attributes and past behaviors (daily active users, frequent purchasers, and enterprise customers, for example)
  • Analyze behavior, conversion, and retention across different user segments
  • Measure changes to key segments and target your marketing accordingly
  • Combine user behavior with CRM data to understand how different segments engage with your product

Analyze User Paths


Understand the ways users flow through your product or website, and identify where to deliver better products and experiences. You can answer questions like:

  • How do users move through my app?
  • Entry paths: What steps do users take before a goal action (contacting support, upgrading their account, or making a purchase)?
  • Exit paths: What steps do users take after key actions (logging in, signing up, or viewing the homepage)?

Increase Conversion Rate


Funnels let you see every action users take before a conversion. With funnels, you can identify points of dropoff, decrease friction, and improve your website’s conversion rate.

  • Prioritize your product improvements by identifying high-friction experiences and removing barriers to your customers’ success
  • Compare funnels across different user segments, device types, or attribution channels to pinpoint points of optimization
  • Measure the effectiveness of your A/B tests – automatically capture data based on experimentation variations, device types, ad campaigns, and more

Improve Product Retention


Figure out what keeps your users coming back. Then use that knowledge to build a product your customers can’t get enough of.

  • Understand feature stickiness with daily, weekly, and monthly retention reports
  • Compare retention across different user segments to understand who is getting the most value out of your product and how to build a more personalized experience
  • Identify the features that drive retention and prioritize their development

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