Help New Users Realize Value, Faster


Make magic out of your users’ first interactions with your product. Identify the initial behaviors that drive your most valuable users, and steer new users towards those actions. 

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Heap Is The New Standard In Product Analytics

A Smarter Approach

Make better decisions, faster

Find Your Baseline

Understand key actions that lead new users to your product’s ‘aha’ moment.


Help users reach their desired outcomes more efficiently.

Drive Lifetime Value

Reduce time to value and drive new users to quickly realize moments of value.

Our Customers

See how Grow increased their activation rate

Grow, BI software for small businesses, learned that 62% of new users would drop out of the build experience without completing their first data visualization.

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Explore Your Product


Understand the ways users flow through your product. Paths can identify specific areas that need attention, and you can explore deeper with other reports within Heap. You can answer questions like:

  • How do new users move through my app?
  • What steps lead users to key activation events?
  • Where do users tend to drop off in their first experience with the product?

Accelerate Your Customer Lifecycle

Customer Lifetime Value

Empower your product team to produce better product experiences for new users.

  • Prioritize the features most important for activating new users
  • Use Paths to identify moments of friction 
  • See the behaviors and features that lead to your goal metric

Increase Retention and Fight Churn

Increase Retention

Driving retention starts right when a user signs up for your product.

  • Understand what behaviors result in active usage and churn
  • Take action to improve first impressions
  • Drive bottom-line growth with healthier churn metrics

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