Drive User Engagement


Identify the features that provide the most value for your users. Then create experiences that make those features simple to discover and adopt.

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Heap Is The New Standard In Product Analytics

A Smarter Approach

Make better decisions, faster.


Use Heap to single out the actions that create value for all of your user cohorts.


Build experiences that make it easy for users to discover and adopt your most important features.


Measure the impact of engagement efforts, and continually improve KPIs.

How Splunk Uses Product Analytics To Win


Learn how Splunk uses Heap to answer engagement questions on the fly. With Heap, the Product team can ship products faster and improve user engagement by leveraging complete historical data.

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Identify Key Features

Key Features

Figure out which features add value for your users, and understand how different user cohorts discover, adopt, and engage with those features.

Build Frictionless Experiences


Drive consistent user engagement by creating the right experiences for the right users. Identify the moments of friction that slow or prevent the adoption of your most important features, and eliminate them.

Monitor User Engagement


Track and analyze how different user cohorts engage with the features in your product. Move the needle on engagement as you learn about your users and deliver an experience that is right for your users.

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