Understand and Drive User Retention


Uncover usage patterns in your product, and identify the behaviors that drive long-term user retention.

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Heap Is The New Standard In Product Analytics

A Smarter Approach

Make better decisions, faster.


Understand repeat usage patterns in your product.


Identify the user cohorts and behaviors that correlate with retention.


Use insights about customer behavior to inform your product roadmap.

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How PocketSuite Reduced Churn by 30%

Learn how PocketSuiteā€™s Product team uses behavioral data in Heap to optimize moments of the user journey that are predictors of churn. Using insights in Heap, the team was able to reduce churn by 30%.

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Analyze Usage Patterns

Analyze Usage

Heap helps Product teams understand repeat usage in their product. Isolate the cadences at which different types of users return to the product and figure out which features and actions drive repeat engagement.

Surface Sticky Behaviors


Analyze the patterns of behavior and user cohorts that correlate with long-term retention. Break down the ways that your most loyal users get value from your product.

Build Better Experiences


Understand the actions that drive retention and create seamless experiences that drive users to those actions.

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